From the moment the plane touches down, you and your family are free to experience Israel the way it is meant to be, because Shisha Realty will make sure you stay in style.

We make all the arrangements for you, such as apartment rentals, gourmet food, itinerary, and transportation.

Be assured that you’ll enjoy a perfect vacation, and should anything go awry, there’s customer service waiting to assist you 24 hours.

Shisha Realty is always looking forward to serve all your needs, from vacation rentals to investment property management and everything in between.


Managing a property (especially when the owner lives overseas) is not a child’s play. After being by a few other companies I am happy to say that I finally found the company that really cares for the upkeep and maintenance of my investment property.

Josh Schwartz, Florida

Rabbi Shisha and his staff are always available to make sure my property only goes up in value and for that I truly appreciate them.

Ephraim W. Brooklyn N.Y.
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Seller’s Choice.

What is Seller’s Choice? Sellers Choice is a service for select clients who want their property professionally shown and advertised, without the seller paying a commission on the sale. This can provide substantial savings to the usual “giving an exclusive to a broker” and paying full agent commissions to get the deal done. Why be locked in to one broker when you can have 50 brokers all trying to sell your property, getting a commission from the other side?

How It Works: We conduct an on-site visit to the property and analyze what can be done to increase the property’s value for a quick sale. We then the discuss these with you, the client, and together decide upon the right course of action to ensure you get the maximum profit on the sale of your property.


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Management Services

At Shisha Realty, we offer three different management plans: long-term, short-term, and vacation home maintenance. Whichever one you choose, it ensures that your home is well-maintained and generates a reliable income.


In the words of Yakov Shisha, president:

“Knowing that I’ve been born and bred in Jerusalem, friends from all over the world would ask me to arrange their vacation rentals in Israel, which I gladly did.

This was well over a decade ago, and I did not yet fully understand the nuances between the living standards of my friends and the kind of apartments they were renting. When one of my ‘clients’ pulled me aside and told me that there must be apartments of an upper grade out there, I saw the tremendous opportunity to start a real estate, management and rental agency for upscale apartments and the services that come along with it.

This was the impetus behind Shisha Realty.

Today, Baruch Hashem, we are Israel’s #1 provider of luxury travel and management services to the sophisticated client, and we continually do whatever we can to make our clients’ experience even better.

Satisfaction and service is the spirit of our company, and the drive behind our success.”

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U.S. Office: 718.408.8070
PO Box 57100, Jerusalem Israel